What to Expect

When you contact me, we will agree an initial assessment session. This session allows us both to decide if this kind of work will be helpful for you.

This may be the first time you have been able to sit and talk honestly and openly with somebody. If we agree that counselling will help you, then we can arrange weekly sessions.

Counselling may be helpful in many ways, and it might be that one or two conversations offer enough time to tell your story and help you think about ways of moving forward. For some people a brief therapy might be enough to clarify the issues. This could be from five to ten sessions. For other people the problems are much more deep seated and will need longer term work and may want much more time – months or years. There is no ideal length of treatment.

Contact Terry to schedule your first counselling appointment


  • How often would the appointments be?
    Normally once a week, but this will be discussed at the first meeting
  • What happens at the first appointment?
    We will see together whether psychodyamic counselling is suitable for you and whether we both feel we can work together.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    It will depend on your circumstances. Some people only need a few sessions, but other will benefit from open-ended work, which might be months or even years.
  • How long is each appointment?
    Allow one and a half hours for the first appointment, and 50 minutes thereafter.
  • How much will each appointment cost?
    The cost is £45 per session. These prices are for an adult in employment. There is some flexibility in the price, and we can discuss this at the first appointment.
  • Is there parking nearby?
    There are various public car parks near to the counselling room. It is also close to Aylesbury railway and bus stations.