Did I say that?

One of the challenges of listening is to hear what one is hearing. By which I mean to ask “Why do I hear those words in that particular way?” As a young dragon I was taught about listening by those who had been doing it for many centuries. they would tell me a story and ask […]

Why am I here?

Contrary to popular belief, dragons don’t lay siege to castles, steal and ravish young maidens, scorch brave knights with our fire or eat our young ( or anyone else’s for that matter!) Mostly we it in our caves and talk. We chat with each other. We talk with our visitors. We listen. People come and find […]

Awe and wonder

As a dragon I’m used to people thinking all sorts of things about me. I allegedly breathe, fire, ice or poison. (Sometimes all together?) I’m a ruthless killer. A symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Something to be hated. Or loved. Or both. (I’m generally made into whatever shape suits a person or tribe at any given moment. […]

Soft furnishings

By now i should realise that so much of what happens when people come to see me happens at the edges. I prepare my den as best as possible. Dragons are not the most fastidious of creatures, it must be said. When one lives as long we do, it is easy to overlook the odd […]

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Sitting uncomfortably

I’m quite comfortable in my den. If I’m not doing a bit of housework or something similar, I’m having visitors. They usually bring something with them Gold, precious stones. jewellery. All the things we dragons enjoy. They also bring another kind of treasure. Stories. (If there’s something we dragons love more than gold, it’s stories.) […]

On dragonish hearing

If I’m interested in the ways in which my patients come in and leave, I’m also intrigued by how they use the space .The great majority of them fill the room with noise. After they have been with me for a while, some can sit quietly and Be. With me. And themselves. This takes a […]

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What am I worth?

Dragons are renown for being avaricious creatures who love gold. they are also renown for their wisdom and knowledge which they may or may nor share freely and willingly. (How you view dragons depends,of course, on your experience of them.) These traits left me thinking about my own careers as both a psychiatric nurse and […]

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Legend of the Dragon

Dragons are strange creatures. Some, like Tolkien’s Smaug, are avaricious creatures who hoard their gold. Others like the dragons in Anne Mc.Caffrey’s Dragonquest stories can be benevolent. What they are and how they are described seems to depend on your experience of them. And of all strange things. The word “dragon” has as part of […]

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