Why am I here?

Contrary to popular belief, dragons don’t lay siege to castles, steal and ravish young maidens, scorch brave knights with our fire or eat our young ( or anyone else’s for that matter!) Mostly we it in our caves and talk. We chat with each other. We talk with our visitors. We listen. People come and find […]

Who am I ?

There are times when I suffer an identity crisis. In my conversations I try to be present with my guest but not intrusive. I hear what they are saying and try to reflect on this, giving it back as a comment or observation. Timing is crucial. The right comment at the wrong time is unhelpful. […]

Sexing the dragon

I’m not  a particularly vain creature. As dragons go I’m quite modest and self- effacing. As far as a Being my size can be self-effacing. I take care of myself. Bathe in enchanted pools every 100 years or so. Shed my scales from time to time. Trim my claws.  The usual dragonish things. What is fascinating […]


People enter dragon;s dens in a variety of ways, if we are to believe the stories we’ve read and heard. The thief sneaks in quietly. The adventurer brags in. The maiden comes in shaking. A similar process takes place when people come into my counselling room. Some come in and spend several minutes enquiring about […]