Did I say that?

One of the challenges of listening is to hear what one is hearing. By which I mean to ask “Why do I hear those words in that particular way?” As a young dragon I was taught about listening by those who had been doing it for many centuries. they would tell me a story and ask […]

Bowlby meets the dragons

We dragons live a very long time. A thousand years is not unusual. This means we get to know people’s families. A number of my visitors are people whose great, great, great grandparents used to come and talk with me.Some guests find this very helpful .It means we can think about why they think the way […]

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Sexing the dragon

I’m not  a particularly vain creature. As dragons go I’m quite modest and self- effacing. As far as a Being my size can be self-effacing. I take care of myself. Bathe in enchanted pools every 100 years or so. Shed my scales from time to time. Trim my claws.  The usual dragonish things. What is fascinating […]